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Help create awareness for the African Penguins by arranging a FUN waddle for 14 October 2023!

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How to arrange a waddle in five easy, penguin-like steps:

1.      Decide that you love the African penguin and that not on your watch will the species die out. Then use all of your social media accounts to tag #NOOW and tell people that you’ll be arranging a special waddle on October 14 this year.

2.      Decide on where you want to waddle from and to. You can waddle in your garden, you can waddle around the neighbourhood, along the sea front, in front of iconic buildings, from your home to the closest café, to a friend’s house – the world is your sardine, as they say. But do remember that if you want to waddle in a public space, check local regulations and make sure that you get permission from the right authorities while also adhering to all health and safety precautions. 

3.      Follow up directly with your target market, be they family, friends, colleagues or competitors. Invite them to challenge or join your waddle, telling them what time and where to meet you, the route for the waddle, to dress in black and white on the day, to bring water for hydration, to make placards if they can, to detail any transport arrangements, to RSVP soon and to share their support for your event by posting about it and tagging #NOOW on their social media.

4.      Closer to the date, make contact with your waddlers directly, remind them about the event and make any last-minute arrangements.

5.      Wake up with excitement on October 14, put on your best penguin outfit, grab your placard and your fully charged phone so that you can capture and share all of your team’s best moments with #NOOW and off you go – have a ball!


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Guidelines for organisers of Waddles. These are simple guidelines and ideas to help you. Download the complete guideline.

Before the event:

  • Decide on a route and a distance

  • Your chosen route should be one which allows for the safety of the Waddlers at all times and should not be too long (5km is a good distance – unless your Waddlers are children, in which case a shorter distance may be appropriate)

  • Use your email lists, members’ lists, donors’ lists, staff lists and all contacts (friends and family too) soon to invite people to save the date and join in

  • Register your event with #NotOnOurWatch by emailing your chosen time and the exact location of your starting point to

  • If you plan to Waddle outside of your property, make sure that you notify your local municipality – you might need to register your event and get a permit

  • Be aware of all local regulations pertaining to public events – health and safety must be a priority in your planning • Notify local traffic authorities if you’re using public roads

  • You might want to ask your local running or walking club to assist with route planning, marshals and encourage participation from their members

  • Use Facebook to set up an event page and advertise your Waddle on social media (use hashtags #NOOW, #AfricanPenguins) and in the local press

  • Invite a celebrity or an influencer to join the Waddle – they can help to promote the Waddle in advance and draw a crowd on the day

  • Ensure that people who want to attend know to wear black and white and to be as creative as they like • Ask staff to volunteer to be marshals – give them reflective vests or bibs.

  • Provide drinking water along the route, at the end and by the first aid station

  • Encourage Waddlers to make their own placards: - suggested headlines: o SAVE THE AFRICAN PENGUIN o I ♥ AFRICAN PENGUINS o HOOT TO SAVE AFRICAN PENGUINS o STOP THE EXTNCTION OF AFRICAN PENGUINS o #NOTONOURWATCH o OUR PENGUINS ARE PRICELESS o PROTECT AFRICAN PENGUINS o Or use the #NotOnOurWatch logo, seen at the top of this page

Invitation to your audience:

  • Date: Saturday 14 October 2023

  • Time: Choose an early starting time if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere where it will be summer

  • Meet: Select a meeting place which is accessible, safe and where parking is available

  • Dress: In black and white with good walking or running shoes and clothing and protection appropriate for the weather

  • Remember to bring: your reusable water bottle, your placards and your passion for African penguins


Here is an example of a previous Waddle invitation:



On the day:

  • Have a first-aider present or inform local paramedic agencies of the event so that they can be on standby in the event of an emergency

  • Create a vibe before, during and after the event – music, DJs, refreshment stands etc.

  • Have a loudhailer or PA system to address your crowd

  • Run a competition for the best or most creatively dressed entrant

  • Make sure you have some prizes to hand out at the end.

  • Take pictures and video clips and upload them to social media during and after the event. Use hashtags #NOOW, #AfricanPenguins


The #NOOW campaign has put these guidelines to help you plan a successful waddle. These guidelines should in no way be construed as a full or complete list of local requirements. #NOOW, the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation and any partner associated takes no responsibility for anything associated with penguin Waddles.

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